Rank Advancements not importing

I have a .csv file with Merit Badges and Rank Advancements from summer camp. I checked the example files VERY closely and can see no difference between what I am submitting and what is in the examples. The file was kicked back 3 times with an error message, each time stopping at the first rank advancement, for a First Rank Advancement #3a. I finally stripped all rank advancements to see if I could get the file to go through and I was succesful in getting the MB file through (although ultimately it only imported the files of about 3 kids (see a different topic)). Because of the problems importing the MB file I did not then try to re-import the rank advancements. I put a ticket in last week but no action has been taken. :frowning:

@MaureenMellett - where are you doing the import in scoutbook.com or in internet advancement? If the scouts are in sync then what council has should be in their record.

Where are you trying to import advancements? Internet Advancement? Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook?

Didn’t even know I could import rank advancements into IA (or why I would want to), sorry. And thought I was on a scoutbook forum not an IA forum; guess I’m still new to this.

I’m trying to import a .csv file into scoutbook.com. In order to update our records as we used to in Troop Master, so I can then order the appropriate patches at the scout store and IA will update appropriately.


The reason we ask is we frequently get people asking questions in the wrong forum.

Are you trying to import an advancements.csv file on this page or somewhere else?

Knowing where you are trying to import to will help us answer your question.

I succesfully sent the advancements on the page you copied but it kept getting pushed back with an error message. I was able to get the MB’s to go through (I stripped them from the original .csv file) but I was getting hung up on the First Rank Advancement, specifically #3a (don’t know if there was more to it than that, but that was the first one that came up).

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