How to change Rank % completion for AOLs?

In new Scoutbook Plus, how do you change the scoutbook view so you can see completion percentage for AOL rank? It defaults to Webelos rank (all my AOLs have 100% completion of webelos and show 100% completion after I advanced them as an AOL den, but they should all be at 0%). This shouldn’t be possible anymore since Webelos and AOL are no longer linked. Right?

There used to be a way to change this view by editing the den, but now when I click “edit den” it switches to Scoutbook plus.
I’m looking for this type of guidance (old scoutbook) Working towards Arrow of Light (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base but for the new interface.

@SteveFerguson that is not in SB+ yet - you can make a simple report in Scoutbook > Unit > Report Builder to see it

Thank you. I look forward to that being implemented as I use it a lot. I’d prefer not to go through 4 extra steps to see something I used to see on the den view page. Especially since that report just lists “Req #1a, etc”. The report isn’t a terribly useful tool. I find myself needing to keep 3 windows open for it to be useful.

It looks like Electives completed in v2022 as a Webelos do not count as an AOL elective. (i.e. Into the Woods and Into the Wild). They didn’t count towards Webelos rank (they were extra electives completed as a Webelos). Is that how it’s supposed to work?

it all depends on the parameters you set to what it shows - in your case if you just select the things circled you will get just percentage of rank

As a user, it’s less useful and more steps than the previous version. That’s GUI 101 thing not to do, and I’m not a fan.

You can also save the report so it is less steps the next time

I don’t think @jacobfetzer Jacob and @DonovanMcNeil are saying that they haven’t requested it, but they are saying currently here is a way to get the data in the meantime.

This is more of a program question, but yes, I believe the new system is the new system. They just had fun doing the extra electives and don’t “get credit”.

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