AOL % completion calculation issue

All (newly promoted, Friday) AOL scouts show progress on their AOL rank, but none of the requirements have any parts marked complete. Some adventures show “started”, but no individual requirements have a date. I did use the dropdown and picked the Current requirements version. Example below BSA# 140615081


Please confirm the version of the started adventures is also set to 2024.

Updated Adventures, issue persists.

2 of the 3 started were an older version. I am a Den Admin, but was not able to update the Adventure version. I got the Den Leader to update the versions, and that did NOT change the percentage calculation.

I’m assuming that there is a bug and that as a Den Admin, I should be able to change the versions. I can mark requirements complete and approved.

I’m also hoping that there is a story in the backlog already to update all adventures to the same version as the rank. If that is not the plan, maybe the versions need to be displayed on the main page with an Asterisk or some other marker letting Leaders know they are tracking an older version without having to click on each Adventure for each Scout.


We have asked that adventures track the rank version. We don’t know when this will be released.

I have reported your issue with the %complete and not being able to change the adventure version as a den admin.

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