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Reassign Scouts to Patrol Bug

Hi all-
Found a (really minor) bug in Scoutbook this morning… Our PLC shuffled around patrols last night, and I was asked to update the roster in Scoutbook to move Scouts to the new patrols. Everything works fine, but the message on the New Connection Screen is:

But the list includes all the Scouts in the Troop, not just the ones that are not in this patrol. Really, either the message should be changed (easiest fix, probably) to reflect what’s actually being presented, or the list of Scouts should be changed to match what’s in the message.


Can you check the list again? When I look at the list presented for Reassign Scout, the only Scouts already in the patrol that are those that hold unit positions (ASPL & Historian in my case). The other Scouts in that patrol are not listed.

Looks like that’s what is happening for me. Scouts with positions defined are showing up in the list, but Scouts without unit positions defined are not there. Missed it the first time around because all the boys in one of the patrols have unit positions assigned.

And, why doesn’t the reassign Scouts page use the Scout Nickname field like the rest of the roster tools do?

Also, I have an Assistant Scoutmaster showing up in the list of Scouts?!?

Steve, I have been able to reproduce this bug with a Unit College Scouter Reserve.

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