Reassign Patrol + Connection Manager bugs

Hello, I am a Troop Admin & the Adv Chair for my unit. We recently assigned all our girls to new patrols, and last night I made the changes official in the membership tab of Scoutbook. Things went OK for the most part, but not entirely.

  • For one girl, I neglected to click the “reassign patrol” button at the top of her membership page AS MY VERY FIRST STEP, and instead, I typed in an end date on her existing patrol membership. She immediately and completely disappeared from our roster, both in SB and in IA.
  • The other bug has to do when I did things in the order that appears correct. Which is that I clicked reassign patrol first, then I went back and corrected the end date of her membership in the old patrol, and the beginning date of the new patrol. When I did things in this order, I would immediately lose connection to the scout. This was disconcerting! Then I poked around and realized that if I would simply open “connection manager” and then close “connection manager”, my connection to the scout was automatically restored, without me doing anything else. This seems a bug to me as well.

All that aside, please help me get our missing scout back into our roster!
Thank you, Brian Heflin

@BrianHeflin - I have found it best to re-assign the scouts from within the patrol that will gain the scout(s)

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If only I had come on here and searched for advice, BEFORE charging into the breach.

Yes from the patrol page you can do more than one at once - what is the BSA # of the missing scout (no names)

I have a printed out SB Individual Advancement page & a printed out IA Activity Log, but neither shows me her BSA#. Ouch.

@BrianHeflin Key 3 can get it off roster (which is the official roster)

Reaching out to CC now. Thank you for helping me Donovan. I think you’ve saved my bacon more times than I can count.

@DonovanMcNeil , the number is:

OK an sync is setup to bring the scout back in tonight

Thank you Donovan. What time can I expect to see her back? 12:01AM, or wait a little longer?
Also, what about the “bug” with Connection manager?

You ended the membership - when memberships are ended connections are cut - there is no bug.

Should be after 4pm CST today - but might take overnight

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That makes sense with the one girl. But with all the other girls, I lost connection after reassigning, and then got it back simply by opening and closing connection manager. That seems a bug.

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