Scout disappeared from roster when reassigning to Patrol

Two Scouts just online transferred into Troop. Applications were accepted by SM and Scouts showed up in roster (not assigned to any patrol). I (as ASM with View Profile/View Advancement/Edit Advancement permission on said Scouts and myself as Patrol Admin) reassigned the Scouts into the Patrol.

At this point the Scouts disappeared from our roster. I still have connections to them but they don’t have the “tag” which shows their membership in our Troop.

Any ideas?

you do not have enough connection level to them. Have a Unit Admin look for them.

I will have Troop Admins take a look but seems strange that if I don’t have enough connection levels to them that I could cause them to disappear from the roster

There is this note when reassigning

Since I don’t have “Full Control”, I would expect it to send invitation to parent/leaders to confirm the patrol assignment (but not do anything drastic like remove from unit roster)

well I am guessing you just found a bug we did not know of - I am testing it now

so when you did this - did they show in patrol just not connected to you?

  • Not in patrol I was reassigning to
  • No longer listed on main Troop page (unassigned patrol)
  • No longer in full roster

I only can find them in my connections but they don’t have the Troop tag associated to them

were you assigning to patrol you were admin of or another patrol?

I am the Patrol Admin of the patrol I was assigning to

My UC says they are still in assigned to Troop so maybe they’ll show up again at next SB sync…

they will not cause they were removed. An Admin should see them or if you have the BSA#s we can solve it that way

@JamesSperry Is the Scout a new Scout with initials J.P.?

I’m waiting on the ID’s from other leaders but yes one Scout is J.P and the other is B.A

OK, J.P. and B.A. should be back on the Troop Roster.

I would recommend having a Troop Admin move them into their patrol by using the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the patrol page.

It might also be a good idea for a Troop Admin to temporarily unapprove their Membership, then re-approve their Membership.

thank you! I will indeed ask a Unit Admin to do the reassignment this time

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