Recharter: CBC and Scout Life buttons

Hi, first post so please excuse etiquette issues. I am familiarizing myself with the recharter website and I am unable to see the CBC and Scout Life columns. I can see the YPT column. Is this a browser issue? I have tried to use ‘Show All Roster’ tab to only show Scouts with and without subscription to Scouts Life, but no records appear. Has anyone else had this issue? Any work arounds out there? Cheers!

@MichaelGoodson first guess is you have font zoomed real large so it is pushing screen right

@MichaelGoodson - yup… your browser setting has then off in right field. If the window is nice there should be a scroll bar at the bottom.

OK, cheers, yes, you are correct: using the ‘zoom out’ option on the browser ‘View’ menu sorted it out. Phew! Thank you!

Thank you both for your help; I always get a bit nervous around Rechartering time!

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