Request - Nested scrolling window makes it very hard to view data

We can only see 6 scouts at a time on this screen.

Even though it’s set to 100…

Versus the Roster page where it shows all of them (as many as will show on my screen) without a second nested scrolling window…

It’s an issue for me and we don’t even have that many cubs compared to most units. Please fix this for the next round.

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Your issue does not make sense to me - I can easily scroll either by mouse wheel or dragging - so not sure what the issue is?

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I included screen shots. If you pull up the two links I sent, it’s pretty obvious, the difference.

I have a second scrolling window that is bested in the page. So rolling in a mouse only scrolls the big window and not tha area with the actual names in it. Even though I have 100 records set to view, that small window only actually displays six at a time. My roster view shows 19 or more records and allows for a single scrolling action with the mouse.

Trying to look through names visually is like viewing a ship through the bottle hole.

when my cursor is over the names I easily scroll up and down in recharter - the nested is nice cause the functions for individual names stay there. The different UX for the 2 different screens is not ideal

You can see it in this video also: Recharter Tutorial 3.mp4 from Boy Scouts of America on Vimeo

2/3 of the screen is static data that I check once and never deal with again. I should be able to scroll down and have 90%+ screen view of just the roster, the stuff I actually have to work with and search through. Instead I’m dealing with that small viewing area of the roster while I scroll up and down viewing it through a 30% tall window. If you just got rid of that scroller and made the whole page fixed, I’d be able to scroll down past the static unit information to view more of the roster.

Hope that’s making sense.

Disagree. It’s a huge waste of screen space.

Another option would be just to move all of the static unit information to a “Unit Info” tab that is first or last and move all of the tabs to the top. That way you have the full rest of the screen, regardless of the tab you’re on. The scrolling is problematic.

While we’re making a wish list, it would be helpful if we could toggle whether or not the unit has received their payments. Maybe because I’m looking at it with new eyes, but that seems like the hardest thing to track. Maybe just adding a status (Current, Renewed, Removed). Something to help narrow down who hasn’t yet paid.

@JenniferOlinger why were the images removed? Those were screenshots from a public SHAC training video. They’re not of our unit.

Oh, sorry! I have added the images back.


I just noticed that the REMOVED MEMBERS tab does NOT have a nested screen like the PACK ROSTER. It’s just on the PACK ROSTER tab.

Maybe it is an actual bug and not a feature?

I don’t think it is a feature or bug. I think it is a…, how to put this kindly, poor layout choice.

it is more lack of UX consistency - and it has been discussed