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Internet Recharter Missing 130 Scouts

Thank you!

Moving to the next issue:
Recharter roster is missing 100+ names
Can you assist?

@FelisaLeppo - there are no page indicators?

@FelisaLeppo are the 100+ brand new members? Councils can reset charters - but IT is working on issues of missing names as well

No, not all new scouts. We are military and fluctuating/transient member base.

As pointed out previously, there are only 33 now. Period.

-MyScouting roster is ALL members (mostly correct but several duplicates due to registrar errors).
-Recharter “print roster” is mostly correct
-recharter itself only has 33 and pagination/indexing is not active
-removed tab shows the 40+ we’ve already processed for recharter
-Monday there were 100 MORE names on the active tab in recharter

My Accounting? you mean My Scouting?

@FelisaLeppo which unit - I do not see any unit that I see you in as having 100+ members (Scouts + Adults) - T45B has about 60, T5G has ~40, T13G had ~45

@FelisaLeppo - tech tip… I was able to add new scouts into the recharter page by add new > existing > full in the info requested > once added > check box on added member then > manage member > remove multiple

Pack 33
COR: W. Fahnestock

We are aware of this. Thank you. Do that times 130, when a few days ago they were all there. :woozy_face:

@DonovanMcNeil another oddity we found this morning:
We cannot pay by eCheck Nor credit card any longer? The options are now “greyed out”.

I don’t see you as being a registered leader in Pack 33. So, how are you seeing that a bunch of Scouts are missing?

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Because I work directly with the COR for thee VFW of which I am a member to complete recharter.

Are you able to assist in resolving these issues? If not, please let us know who the appropriate person is. Thank you.

I can report it directly to the developers, as can anyone who has scoutbook user Advisory Council under their name. But I need to understand first.

So, is it the COR actually logging in who can’t see most of the members?

The point is we don’t understand what we don’t know. We don’t know how all the people who were there less than a week ago - not because we hand-jammed them- are no longer appearing. Only the removed tab is untouched.

Yes, the COR (W.Fahnestock) and I are working together under his account to recharter the unit.

Can you try now? Log out and back in if you are still in it. A fix went in this afternoon.

Wearing my registrar hat. The refresh button on internet rechartering does nothing. IT Development team is aware and working on it. If you have NOT hit submit, your registrar can delete what you have done, and you start again. That should bring back your missing scouts. If you ADD ADDITIONAL MEMBER you are most definitely creating new scouts and the system will DEMAND paperwork. Re payment, I was told by national we couldn’t opt of offering online payment. It may be grayed out because of errors.


I had a person missing the CBC. It was a clerical error since we had submitted it as part of the same pdf as the main adult app. No big deal. I sent it to our registrar to enter via the normal method. 2 days later I logged back in. Still not green. Hit refresh and it showed up.

So, maybe it only refreshes existing member’s data, maybe it doesn’t bring new members in.

ohh. interesting. National in our many conversations with them didn’t let that one slip. But that makes sense in a strange way. Now to find one to experiment with! Thanks!