Recharter on hold?

We submitted and paid for our recharter a month ago now, and it is still showing as “On Hold” pending review with our local council. We have followed up with our local council and they say it is a problem with national and to be patient.
My question is, at this point are we covered for liability issues still since we are into the new year? What about our kids with ScoutLife subscriptions? And if it’s a problem with National, why does the message say to follow up with our local council?


Your questions are good ones.

Today is “only” January 12. My experience in the previous 2 years is that some could drag on to March. We had filed our paperwork in November one of the years. :frowning:

This year we had “all green” and no attachments. We paid by auto check. Our charter was posted atriums there 6th. So in that case, a huge improvement.