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My son has been an active member for the past 6 years. He earned his arrow of light rank in December but hasn’t had the pack award ceremony yet. All his awards and ranks were removed from scoutbook and it’s as if he has done nothing. We are able to download a text record in pdf but I really wanted the screenshot of the awards pictured. We were able to get this last year for our other scout before crossover. We incorrectly thought it would be available until the pack has crossover. Is there any way to recover this even if just one day without paying $180? We already paid $100 to the pack. It’s only 1.5 months with the pack and $280 for 1.5 months seemed too much so he wasn’t included in the recharter.

@AdrianneCooper1 All of your son’s data is still there. Do you want the Cub Scout History Report? Or do you just want a screenshot?

I want the screenshot of the pictures of his awards. I feel like scouts bsa made all his accomplishments meaningless by erasing him from the system before crossover. I have his pdf report. Attached is what I got for my other son in March of last year. I incorrectly assumed I could get it again this year before crossover. These pictures are more meaningful than text on a page.

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This is what we see now. 6 years of accomplishments erased over $180. No warning for us as parents.

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@AdrianneCooper1 - when the membership ends as in not rechartered then the visible view is turned off since they are no longer in scouting as a registered member.

This is my issue, BSA wants me to pay $180 to see my kids’ AOL status. It’s not right. I just want the screenshots. Nobody told us “when you choose to not continue to troop we will erase everything January 1” it was so abrupt and a bad way to end scouting. The countless hours my husband and I volunteered our personal time to scouts in various roles and capacities. The years my kids spent his whole childhood on. All gone because we wouldn’t pay $280 ($180 for BSA fees plus $100 for pack fees, we paid the pack fees) for 1.5 months of scouting.

Last year my AOL’s dues were $100; this year my AOL was asked to pay $260(I paid $100 of this so he can participate in the AOL ceremony). It’s over a 50% increase almost tripled. We donated hundreds to friends of scouting over the past 7 years but BSA can’t let my AOL see his awards because they want triple the money this year. It’s not right at all. I’m very upset over this.


The Scoutbook architecture relies on the Scout’s active membership to display the Scout’s record. Without a current membership, the system does not know what should be displayed.

No data is removed from the system and is available via the Cub Scout History Report, Scouts BSA History Report, Venturing History Report or Sea Scouts History Report depending upon program.

You could try going to your Son’s membership page, clicking on his pack membership and removing the end date then end his troop membership by adding an end date. You may need a Pack Admin to approve the membership in the pack before you see the data. After you get your screen shots, end his pack membership and remove the end date from the troop membership. You will need to get a Troop Admin to approve his membership in the troop again.


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