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After crossover my son has lost all cub scout ranks now what

I’m an AOL leader and have kept up my son as well as the other scouts in my den in scoutbook. Before our crossover I made sure that I followed up with all the scouts prior advancements and updated scoutbook. Everything was fine and showed in scoutbook. Scouts crossover and went to the troop. Now since I can only see my son all the cub scout advancements are gone except AOL. Since we need to fill out the transfer form going from Cubs to the troop it’s then I noticed it. I went to scoutbook to get the info only to find it gone. So my question is where did the info go? Does this show throughout the life of a scout or is it dumped once a scout crossover?

Is it possible that the way the crossover was done in scoutbook the cub scout info was lost? I’m not the one that did that.

O would think that all of a scouts advancements would show throughout their entire career. Maybe I don’t understand scoutbook the if that’s not the case. Any help on this would be great.

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they are not gone - it is just now he is in the troop interface where cub stuff does not play a role. If you want to see them go to his page > click reports > run Cub Scout History report

Thanks for your help. That worked just fine.

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