Recover "LOST" BSA ID #

In the process of attempting to transfer a crossover scout from our pack to our troop, we seem to have lost him entirely.

At some point during the online transfer process, the pack chair and I (the troop advancement chair) encountered an error message to the effect “scout is already in a unit.” This led us to believe he had to be removed from the pack before he could be transferred into the troop, but when the pack chair entered a date for “Date Ended” under the scout’s Current Membership, it seems to have deleted him completely. Did it UN-register him? Even his parent cannot see him in Scoutbook any more, so we cannot retrieve his BSA ID. Our registrar’s only help was to email us a link to the Scoutbook help article on transfers (not really helpful as we had already read it, and it failed to address this particular situation), then said to file a new paper membership application.

If the latter is all that can be done, we still need this scout’s BSA ID for the application so that his history to date is not lost. However, it seems that this missing BSA ID is needed for everything. Is there any way to find/retrieve this?


Have one of the unit Key 3 look at the official roster for each unit at my.scouting to see if the scout is still there. That will have the scout’s BSA ID, and may allow the SUAC folks to force a synch between the official roster and Scoutbook if needed.

@RWetherbee The pack should be able to do the transfer at my.scouting.

On the my.scouting Roster, they check the box next to the Scout’s name, and then click on the “Transfer” button. Any of the pack’s Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate should be able to access the Roster at my.scouting.

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@RWetherbee What is the pack’s number?

Thanks, but none of the key 3 / k3 delegates can see him in either unit.

Nope - pack can no longer access the scout.

Transfer was from Pack 114 (council 230) to Troop 114 (council 230).

This glitch happened prior to rechartering for 2023 - the scout is paid for 2023 but is not in the system (likely because he was not in SB/IA2 prior to the recharter). I have his advancement backed up as photos on my cell phone…

That sounds like the units need to work with council to get the registration worked out. One of the pack Key 3 might be able to pull up the scout’s BSA ID using the non-renewed member report in my.scouting. I’ve never tried it, so I’m not sure what’s included in the report.

ETA: Looks like @edavignon suggested this (and gave directions how) in another similar-ish thread: Scout with new account - #18 by edavignon

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Looks promising! I do not see the scout in the troop listing (because his transfer never made it in) but I will check with the pack chair to see if she can still see him. Thanks!

(Rosters in Scoutbook… Rosters in IA2… Didn’t know about the Rosters in my.scouting… Such a shell game)

The Roster at my.scouting is the official roster.


Several years ago you could transfer a cub to a troop within Scoutbook. However, national changed that.

You have to officially fill out a transfer app and submit to your council program center to the council registrar. If they’re not busy, and they key it in before the close of business, it will be on the troop roster the next day.

The registrar can see everything on the backend of the system. The Scout’s information is still there.

You have never been able to do a formal transfer in scoutbook. They can be transferred electronically transferred in my.scouting


We successfully did it for the first 3 years Scoutbook was available. We would transfer the entire den over to the troop. Our first year using Scoutbook was 10 years ago. I was the one doing the transfers.

For the first few years of scoutbook it didn’t communicate with BSA systems that did not occur till about 5 years ago after BSA acquired SB the management of membership has never resided in SB you may have moved thier record to the troop but they were still registered in the pack

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You might be able to find the scout’s BSA ID in the IA roster history if any advancement items were approved. My committee member role (non admin) allows me to see items even for Scouts no longer on the IA roster itself.

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