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Religious Award Add on Option

BSA is partnered with the P.R.A.Y. program (www.praypub.org/bsa)

My question is:

In and under the other awards section I do not see a space for any religious awards to be noted or recorded other than the religious knot. My scout has completed and is about to be awarded the Duty to God award from the P.R.A.Y. program for our denomination. Although this organization is partnered with BSA there is little information about the program or the awards. Our leaders had not heard of the program until we introduced it to our troop. This ribbon and pin is not from the BSA but he is allowed by the BSA to wear the pin on the uniform as an award that has been earned and a symbol of his faith and denomination.

Is there any way to add this as a button to the award section so it can be recorded and checked off for those that earn the award from their respective denominations. So it will show as an award that has been earned like any other?

A Scout is Reverent,

John Long

Troop 314

Exmore, VA

Those are not BSA awards so cannot be displayed (by copywrite) here. That is what the Religious Emblem is for

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