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Additional fields needed for Religious emblem fields

Catholic scouts can earn two religious emblems while in Cub scouts. For the first one they earn they receive a purple knot if they earn the second award they earn a device pin. There is only one religious emblem field so we can not track when scouts earn more than one religious emblems. This is also a problem for Catholic troops because they can earn two awards at the troop level. Would it be possible to have another date field added so both awards can be saved and tracked in Scoutbook vs outside of the tool. Since this is is not tracked in Scoutbook the awards are also not being added to purchase orders.

This is a known issue that has a story - we do not know when it will be worked on


Since the religious medals aren’t necessary for rank advancement this is a lesser issue for me but now that you bring up that there is a story, inquiring minds want to know…

…if it is appropriate to share.

just to add devices (microscopic pins for the square knot patch - VERY HARD to push through lol) - the medals are not BSA property

Could you just add two knots or find a workaround(icon) as to hows its represented in the tool. We just need a field to record the 2nd award. Also, religious emblems can be used to complete several of the duty to God requirements.

When he says “Story” he is talking about the “agile” process the scoutbook developer use to implement requests. :smile:

Earning religious emblems is one of the options as part of the duty to God adventure requirements for most Cub Scout ranks, so they are connected to rank advancement.

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Until Scoutbook has the ability to track multiple religious awards, what I do is use the note field on the square knot to indicate each award my Scouts have earned.


That’s what we are doing to but that doesn’t help with purchasing ordering or having to manual go through every scout to see who has earned what when we apply for various other awards


I understand. This has been in the backlog for quite some time and I don’t anticipate it bubbling up to the top of the priority list any time soon.

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