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Tracking Multiple Religiuos Emblems

This is a paraphrase of a post on the old Forum and can’t find that it transferred over.

Can Scoutbook track and show multiple awards of the Religious Emblems. Most faith traditions have one award for each, Cub Scouts, Webelos, Scouts BSA, Venturing/older SBSA.

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Those awards are actually issued by the religious entities, not the BSA. The only religious award actually presented by the BSA is the religious award square knot. That is listed in the scout’s profile under “awards”. Just remember whomever made the awards list was alphabetically-impaired, so “Religious Knot Award” is after “ScoutStrong” and “SuperNova”…

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I understand. The knot is awarded by the BSA as are the devices awarded to denote multiple “earnings” of the Religious Award knot. For example, a Catholic Youth (I am most familiar with this scenario; but other faith traditions are similar) earns a religious award as a Tiger/Wolf and receieves a medal from the Faith Community and the religious knot and Cub Scout device from BSA. He then goes on to earn a second religious award as a Bear/Webelos scout and receives a second medal from the Faith Community and a Webelos device from BSA (he is not awarded a second knot). He repeats this for his thrid religious award as a Scouts BSA and 4th award as a Venturer receiving medals from the Faith Community and devices (Scouts BSA and Venturing) from BSA. The devices are all worn pinned through the knot on the uniform shirt (all 4 in this case). The Religous Award Knot is only awarded one time (first time a Scout earns a Religious Award). I believe Scoutbook should track this so units know what to present the youth. And, isn’t Scoutbook supposed to be the end all/be all for tracking advancement? It certainly is much more friendly than Internet Advancement.


Some go to the Religious Knot and update the date to the newest award earned and detail it in the Notes section.

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The requirements for this “religious emblem” in Scoutbook refer to the LDS religious emblem. This is incorrect. The purple knot covers religious emblems of all faiths. I cannot enter the advancement without marking that the Scout has learned about the Book of Mormon. They didn’t, we are a Catholic pack. This should be made generic, just recording the date the knot was earned.

Scoutbook also limits it to Scouts of a certain age, but there are Catholic emblems available for all ages. And, as Will suggests, it should be able to be earned multiple times.

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Make sure the Scout’s LDS switch in the profile is turned off. Also, look for a 2nd religious knot under awards. The LDS requirements were added before Scoutbook was purchased by the BSA.

Thanks for the quick response. The LDS switch for the Scout is off. The LDS requirements show up when you attempt to do “Quick Entry” of the awards at the pack level (the LDS switch is off for the pack as well).

If you go into each Scout individually you can add the religious knot award without seeing the LDS requirements appear. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to add a second religious knot, which 10 Scouts in our pack earned this year.

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Scoutbook only supports recording one religious knot at this time. What I did with my Scouts was use the notes field to indicate the names and dates of the individual religious emblems.

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