Reminder Schedule in ScoutBook?

I use ScoutBook for everything in our Pack (achievements, emails, calendar, etc.) including reminders for all our events. Occasionally multiple reminders go out on the same day. For example, today I had reminders go out about the Veterans Day Parade, Klondike training for the Webelos Dens and an upcoming local Stargazing event. ScoutBook does do a good job of spreading out the emails to different times of the day.
Ideally I don’t send more than two emails a day and I know you have to set the date or hours in the reminders but is there any way to see in ScoutBook of when all the upcoming Auto reminders are scheduled to go out? I try not to spam my families but it’s not easy to remember all the reminder dates.
If this data is not available as a report can the ScoutBook admins add this as a possible enhancement?
Greg McClure
Somers NY Pack 1 Cubmaster

As a report it might be an option, I will have to check

I guess the other question is do you even want the report if there is no way to reschedule the reminder?

I think the report is still useful. Even if I could put into excel and then go into the actual calendar events to change the reminders that helps. That’s kinda what I was thinking was possible. Most people probably put some events months ago and then add others as they go along. Remembering all the days and hours is not easy.
As long as I know the calendar event, who it’s going to (Pack, Troop vs Den/Patrol), date and time of day that is still a big improvement from now. Guessing since the data is there and it’srunninga scriptto pull it out.

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