Scouting Calendar is blank

It says “No Events to display” but we have an event this weekend in Scoutbook.

Am I misunderstanding what events it’s supposed to show here?

Really cool start to the app, BTW. It’s a nice start.

Who are the invitees to the calendar event?

yeah post screenshot of app and SB

David - if it is an event without any invitees then it will only show up for the admin that created it and perhaps other admins.

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Here’s SB…

In the MSO app…

I feel like I’m missing something that (should be) obvious.

If I received an email notification about the event, does that mean at least I was invited?

David - yes indeed you would receive the reminder notice if you were invited. The same would hold true for all others invited.

@DavidO that is the myscouting app that pulls the calendar from my.scouting NOT scoutbook

I do not know of one unit anywhere that uses that calendar

The hope/ plan is to merge the 2 calendars

If you have the Scouting App - you will see your Scoutbook calendar there

OK. Well I went through the whole year and there’s not a single event in there.

Who puts events into the MSO calendar?

National? Council? District? Unit?

Are you saying that there is a MyScouting app and a separate Scouting app?

Yes, they are separate apps.

The Scouting app is an app for Scouts and their parents. It uses the Scoutbook database, but is a separate app.

MyScouting app is basically what you log in at I think unit Key 3 and district Key 3 can all add to the calendar. Possibly also Key 3 Delegates, but I am not sure.

My son is going to monthly events, but calendar says 0 % participation. How can we get credit for past participation? We RSVP to events but it is just not showing up on the monthly calendar

Mark - if attendance is not done on the events then it will show 0 %. The RSVP does not auto flip to having attended.

A leader in your unit would need to take attendance. They may choose not to do so. I’d check with them.