Remove Date Completed

Hello! I’m trying to remove the “date completed” in Scoutbook as a den leader needs this removed for one of his scouts. Please see screen shot below. What do you suggest? Thanks!

Remove the completion date on the overall adventure first

Hi Jacob. That’s what I tried to do but got the message you see. Do I need to remove the date from somewhere else?

Your screen shot says requirement 4. You did it for the overall adventure?

I guess I’m not sure where to find it. It is for this one scout only.

Go to the adventure. Clear the date on that particular adventure. Not just the date on the requirement.

You may also have to do it incrementally. If the overall adventure is Leader Approved, remove that date and the approval checkmark, then save. Go back to the overall adventure, remove the Completed date and save. Then, go into the specific adventure requirement, and repeat the same process for the relevant requirement(s).

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Thank you, everyone! We fixed the issue with your advice.


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