Remove Higher Rank Advancement

One of our den leaders pointed out that a Tiger shows up as having earned Bear Claws in Scoutbook, which is clearly a mistake. I went to the Scout in Scoutbook and clicked on his advancements, but I am only able to edit the advancements that are Tiger rank or lower - the Bear one doesn’t show up in this section. How can I remove Bear Claws advancement for him? Also isn’t this something that shouldn’t be allowed to happen (approving an award for a higher rank when the lower ranks have not yet been earned)? Thank you.

go to the Scouts Page - if the Scout Earned Bear Claws you should see it - click it there and clear it out

You may have to temporarily move the Scout into a Bear den to remove Bear advancement.

Thanks, I definitely cannot just clear out the Bear Claws so I am going to try to advance him through to Bears to do it and then remove all the achievements I had to put in to get him there. Hoping that works. I appreciate the responses!

@AmyScott4 - just move him into a bear den… DO NOT DO ANY RANK OR ADVENTURES. Remove the bear error then move back into the correct den.

Adding additional advancement will not automatically make him a Bear. That will just give you more stuff to undo. Go to the Bear den and click reassign scouts.

Thanks, your tips worked. I reassigned him to a Bear, removed the achievement, then reassigned him to Tiger.