Remove or hide a troop that no longer exists

I was scoutmaster for a troop that didn’t make it. It is still showing in Scoutbook, but I don’t want to see it anymore. Is there a way to hide it or remove it?


Go to My Account → My Positions and close all membership positions in the unit by clicking on them and adding an end date.

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I tried that before posting my question. I got a message saying I needed to assign another leader.


OK, I thought we added the ability for the last admin to be removed. Post the unit number, so I get the right position, and I can remove you.

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Troop 79 G. The issue is in the patrol admin.

@StefanieHoefs should be resolved


Donovan, could you help me with the same problem?

Last Frontier Council
Troop 6147G
Troop Admin

@DavidAtkinson you should be able to put an end date on that yourself - have you tried?

Yes , and it says the same thing that it did for StefanieHoefs, must assign another admin.

OK I cleared it @DavidAtkinson