Can't Remove Last Admin

I have a similiar issue that has been a problem for months. My previous troop folded and has been gone for a few years now. I was the troop admin on there and removed all the other members but it will not allow me to add an end date for the troop admin because it states that I must reassign this to someone else. How do I get rid of this?


This is a known issue. If you give us the troop number we can remove the admin role for you.

Troop 6222 Last Frontier Council


I closed the Troop Admin role for T6222. I recommend going to My Account → My Connections and clicking the Clean Old Connections button to remove connections to Scouts that are not in units you are affiliated with. MBC connections will not be removed.

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When should I expect this to go away?


It should be gone the next time you log in to Scoutbook.


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