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Duplicate Troops in Scoutbook

I have 2 troops for the same real troop.
1 was set up a few years ago in a failed attempt to convert to scoutbook. No scouts and only myself as the admin
The second one has a suffix B and all of the leadership and scouts are listed. there are no parents tied to the scouts so I cannot ask someone to connect me to them so that I can get the troop set up. how do I load parent information?

@JimWinicky can you end the Position in the old troop? You might not be able to as you are last admin in it. If you can end the role the troop will disappear at log out. If not send an email with all the info to and they can fix it.

NOTE: go to the Unit page of the troop that is old and look in the URL for UnitID= and send that number in the email as the unit that you do not need a position in

@JimWinicky - sorry missed second part - any of the Key 3 in the unit are already admins - so they can log into Scoutbook and make you an Admin, then you can add parents

Thanks note sent to Scoutbook as noted.

They all have pending next to name on roster. do they sign in with their my.scouting credentials?

Yes, adult leaders sign in with their my.scouting username and password.