Removed as Troop Admin from my G Troop after Recharter

I’m the CM of a pack and SM of G Troop. My packs recharter was in March and after that, I lost my Troop Admin privileges in Scoutbook. My G Troop isn’t up for recharter until October, so I’m confused why all my Pack access remained, but I lost my G Troop admin status. My positions in Scoutbook still show I’m the SM, but it won’t let me remove the end date for Troop admin to put it back in there.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

@JohnSchiel Please contact your local council and ask them to submit a help ticket to National.

Your registrations all have an Expiry Date of 03/31/2024.

Thank you. I will do that. Recharter this year has been a rough road. Our council said we’re good to go, but it appears that we are not out of the woods yet with it.

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