Scouts no longer in Dens since Recharter

Since our recharter processed no one is showing in their dens, Scouts or Leaders. The dens are still set up, but showing 0 scouts in them. This is our first year using ScoutBook, is this something I have to go back in and reset individually after recharter each year?


You are not supposed to have to place Scouts back in their dens after recharter is processed. We will need to have the developers look into what happened.

The best way for you to get around the issue is to go into each Den and click the Reassign Scouts button on the roster page, select the Scouts that belong in the den and then click the confirmation button at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks! So I am best to go ahead and do that, or have the develops look into what happened and see if it is a simple fix on their end?

You can go ahead and fix your pack. The developers can look at logs to determine what happened.


I looked further into your pack’s situation. The pack’s charter expired on 10/31/22 but the recharter was not processed until 1/4/23. At the end of the 60 day grace period on 12/30/22, all the Scouts and leaders were removed from your pack in Scoutbook. The Council then processed the recharter which put all of the Scouts and leaders back but because the system looked at this as new memberships, the Scouts were not placed in dens.

In addition to moving the Scouts back into their dens you will need to reassign the den leaders and assistants. The easiest way to do this is to go to their membership pages and remove the end date from the former DL and ADL positions, then go back into that position, check the I Approve… check box and save it. After that is done, close the position that started on 1/4/23.

Thanks very much! I will send this reply to Council, and request that maybe they don’t hold our re-charters as long going forward!!! Kind of frustrating why they make us turn them in so early then they sit on them…

Recharters can’t be posted until the prior one expires, but posting more than 60 days after expiration is a problem.

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