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Hello. I am having issues with my scoutbook and I had multiple accounts and everything on both. I went to the local council and they could not help me. Now when I log into it tells me I have my training but doesn’t have me as cubmaster anymore, and when I try to log into Scout Book I cannot get anything to come up, it won’t let me see my account or others and see and check off requirements for scouts. I am unable to do anything really now. I don’t know all my IDs because now it will not let me log in anymore under my google information or the BSA information I put it. I don’t know what happened or how to fix it.

@MarionGries looks to me like your recharter expired and so did the Grace period - so you need to talk to council on Charter

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I just recharged today. They said I was all good there it is paid and everything

@MarionGries Your council needs to post your unit’s Recharter.

After they do that, you will need to wait for an overnight automated membership sync process to run.

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How can I post the recharter. When I even tried to look at the roster it said I don’t have permission

@MarionGries You have to wait for your council to post it.

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I think the confusion is a terminology issue. Units “submit” their recharter to their council, but the council (after processing) then “posts” it. Both steps have to happen for a unit to actually be rechartered.


Ok thank you. I will wait a couple of days and then if still having issues I will post again. Thank you for all your help.

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