Pack Admin but lost full connection to scouts that went through recharter

Hello, I’m a Pack Admin and Advancement Chair for Pack 203. After recharter I lost my ability to even approve any of the scouts from the recharter but I am able to do my own kids and the brand new scouts after recharter. It says in my connections that I can view profile and advancements but don’t have full control of the scouts even in my own den. My positions are listed correctly in scoutbook and says I have full access to the pack but I don’t. Any ideas how to restore my connections?

@ChristinaDougher - what are your positions and functional roles at Also you may want to post your bsa id

Well like many military - you have alot of BSA # - the one you are logged in under is FEC but it does not have you positions - your positions are under 136331968 - but I think the DOB is wrong - work with council to fix - I will get this cleaned up for you.

Talk to FEC about ending the one that has your Partner position

Thank you. I can see now in that my birthdate is way off. Our registar is brand new for FEC. What do I need to ask her to do exactly. Can you see the other BSA number that FEC has. I can only see the 136331968? Thanks for your help unraveling this, I was clueless on what do do next.

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