Removing Scoutbook connection doesn't remove Scouting app connection

Removed an adult connection on Scoutbook. Properly showed connection as completely gone. When that person logged in on Scoutbook, that person could not see the scout (SB id 11471770). All functioning as it should.

Many months later, it comes to our attention that the person is still getting active updates (push notifications/access to all current info) via the Scouting App as if the connection was maintained. Removing the access on Scoutbook did not remove the person’s access on the Scouting app and there was no way to see or know this. (Sorry for the dupe post–didn’t see the reply before it was auto-closed.)

@Wheelie - was this persin listed zs a parent/guardian of said scout ? Also, please check your events in scoutbook for this person as that is where the reminders come from. I do not recall any notification from the scouting app.

In Scoutbook, the person was not listed as having any connection once removed.

On the app, every approval got a push notification. “Such and such rank was approved by So-and-So” or something like that. I do not know if events also received push notifications but the calendar was visible once the app was open.

@Wheelie - how about you answer the question i asked. Was this a parent of said scout ? The scouting app is for parents and scouts NOT UNIT committee members or ASM.

Also, removing connections does not remove them from event notifications. I do not think you have a scouting app issue.

Are you a professional who can address the scouting app issue? If so, please contact me directly. If not, please let me know who can.

What is the adults MID or SB User ID?


Thanks! Please reply to me directly for follow-up.

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