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Cannot remove Connection to adult

I am a pack admin within Scoutbook. While setting up parent connections to our new scouts, I accidentally connected a parent to the wrong scout. (still not sure how it happened). How can I remove the connection? I used to be able to update it within the Manage Connections link from the Pack Roster, but that functionality is no longer available for me. From the scout’s info, I can look at the connections but cannot delete or modify any connections there either.

There is no way for a unit admin to remove an adult connected to a scout as a Parent/Guardian. You must either have the adult remove the connection themselves, or email to have the erroneous connection removed.

If they have not accepted the invite you can go to the connection and delete it

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The invitation has not been accepted. And I still have no way to delete it. The functionality used to exist.

Seems like a serious flaw. I currently have an adult connected to a scout – with full control because I can no longer change that when marking as a parent/guardian – and no direct way to fix it. Anyone could inadvertently pick the wrong “Sam Jones” listed in Scoutbook and that person now has full personal information on a minor.

I have to admit that I’ve never gotten that to work. I always assumed that the adult had accepted the connection already.

And thank you. I will email support immediately.

@SusanHawkins minor design flaw it appears - go to the Scouts Page > Click Connections > go to the Connection from this page and look at bottom

Yep, that’s a common complaint. The argument that the BSA has offered for preventing unit admins from detaching an adult listed as a Parent/Guardian is that it would allow the unit admin to circumvent the YPT protections written into how Scoutbook handles emails.

The most effective way I’ve found to make sure I get the correct person is to search by full email address, and even that is sometimes very slow/clunky in terms of functionality. You have to let it sit there and fully return the search results.

Thanks … I wasn’t aware I could search by email address. In my case, I was creating a new adult (not already in system) and am still not sure how it connected to the prior adult I created. Probably user error! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried there as well, and see no way to modify an existing connection. It used to exist when we first started using ScoutBook, before it became the BSA place of record.

Yeah I was on test server - always nice when test and production does not match

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It has been reported to be fixed

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