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Connections in Scoutbook

I am finding all kinds of problems with Scoutbook connections/Scouts e-mail/ Parents e-mail…

I am an ASM trying to clean up Scouts connections, and finding that this a game of Whack A Mole.

What sort of issues are you having. You have a lot of knowledgeable folks here who can help!!

Where to start…
First issue is with adults/leaders registered with the troop that were given full access to scouts. When the full access is removed for the leader, it does not remove it in the scouts connection (leader still shows in scouts connection as having full access)

Second, Scoutbook has brought across all access from the Scouts previous Scouting. That can be fixed. I am deleting those as necessary.

Third, when the parent was set up as a leader in Scoutbook as a Cubscout, and crosses over to the Troop, but is not a leader, we can’t change that status.

There is more, but I am having a hard time remembering. I haven’t logged in to Scout Book in a few weeks.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

parents will always have Full Control

On the different connection showing - that might just be the cache. and once cleared it will appear right.

hanging connections are an issue, but not an easily automated one

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Parents have Full Control, but cannot Approve anything in Scoutbook unless they are also a leader in the unit.

Troop Admins and Patrol Admins also have Full Control.

Admins for other units of which the Scout has a current membership also have Full Control permissions. If you have a Scout who recently crossed over from a pack, check the Scout’s Membership page to see if the pack membership shows up under Current Membership or Past Memberships. You might need to click on the pack membership and add a Date Ended.

Not that it helps once the scouts are crossed over/transferred, but one thing that I ask unit admins from the “sending” unit to do before they transfer a scout is to remove all of their non-admin leader connections to the scout. They can’t remove the admin connections until the scout is removed from their unit (mandatory Full Control), and parents can’t be removed except by themselves (I think) or scoutbook.support.

I understand why there are issues with “automated” removal of connections, but it would be handy in some ways to have a “flush all connections” button available to unit admins that removes all connections except current-unit admins and parents/guardians. It’s easier for units to rebuild the proper connections from there than it is to struggle with removing one connection at a time…

if you are using the feature assistant extension for firefox/chrome it gives you the following capabilities

[Change Scout Column Connections Clicking on the Scout name in the connection manager allows you to change permissions for all adults except parents and Admins

[Set Permissions based on Position Set connection permissions between adults and Scouts by setting a default set of permissions based on adult positions

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