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Report Builder Designer 'Sort By:' function is broken

The ‘Sort by:’ feature in Report Builder Designer no longer works. The names at the top of the report only match up to the data displayed in the report body when ‘First Name, then Last Name’ is selected. The other 3 choices only rearrange the names and %complete (if chosen).

Example: I wish to track a handful of scouts working on the camping merit badge. I select the scouts from the unit roster on the left-hand side. On the right hand side I select:

  • Merit Badges → Merit Badge Requirements
  • Merit Badges → All Merit Badges → Eagle-required Merit Badges → Camping
  • Settings → Show % Complete
  • Settings → Show Requirement Descriptions

If I choose to sort by First Name, then Last Name, running the report places the correct names above the correct column. If I choose to sort any other way the report re-arranges the names and % complete accordingly, but not the rest of the data. The rest of the data is always sorted by First Name, Last Name

@GeorgeBulgin I have reported this to the developers

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