How can I run reports by the scouts last name

I am unable to run a report by the scouters last name. I am very frustrated by this. How can this be done.

Jo Ann,

Which report(s) are you trying to run? Your subject mentions Scouts (youth) but the text of your post mentions Scouters (adults).

Report Builder? Roster Builder? Somewhere else?

Health Record Dates is the report I am trying to run by last name.

I am unable to run any of the reports by last name, adult or scout.

It sounds like you are using Roster Builder / Print Roster. If you are using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, then you can click on the top of the column where you want to sort (“Scout’s Name” or “Leader’s Name”).

But I want it by last name, where do I find feature assistant extension

Scroll down to the bottom of page 3 for installation instructions:

If you use roster builder it was by last name. Thank you, if you use report builder it is not.

I had not used the reports in the roster. I was using report builder.

Understood. If you are using Report Builder, then you would need to export the report to a csv file and then sort / filter. They are working on an improved version of Report Builder which would allow users to choose to sort based on last name or first name, but I do not know when it will be available.

cant sort and filter, it is entered as one

If you just want the health form dates, then I would recommend using Roster Builder instead of Report Builder.

If you use Report Builder, then export the csv file to Excel (or other spreadsheet program). You would probably want to first copy and then transpose the rows & columns. Then, add a blank column between the names and the dates. Then you can use “Text to Columns” in Excel to split the names into 2 columns (first name and last name).

I have been working with Scouting for over 32 years. Scouting has always discurged the use of SCOUTS last names as they are under 18 years of age, (youth) .

Hi, @Jo_AnnKuharske,

If you’re looking at the data in Excel, there are a number of ways to divide a combined name into two separate names. Googling the process got me several different ways to do it just in the first few hits. The biggest hang-up is that Report Builder returns data with the field names along the vertical and scout names along the horizontal. The easiest way I’ve found to address this is to copy all of the data, Past Special in a new worksheet tab, and transpose it as part of the Paste Special operation. Then, you can easily add two new columns (one each for first and last name), and separate the two in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Regarding the use of last names, it’s vary handy when you either have:

  1. multiple scouts from the same family and want to ping the parents at the same time about the same issue (e.g. both Bob and Steve’s medical forms are expiring in the next two weeks, and they need them for camp)
  2. scouts with the same given name and the same family name initial letter (e.g. two Alex F.'s, neither of whom goes by Alexander).

Although I wouldn’t post a youth’s full name publicly (at least not intentionally), in the current online environment, restricting things to first name and last initial isn’t even the security-through-obscurity that it used to provide in the pre-internet age in which I was a scout. This is particularly true when a lot of online image storage software semi-automatically tags photos with people’s names, often without the permission of the people whose images are being tagged.

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