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Alphabetize by last name? Order by DOB?

With so many scouts in my troop with nicknames, how can I organize troop-wide or patrol-wide reports by last name instead of first? Also, how can I organize troop-wide reports by date of birth?

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I don’t think there is a way right now to do that with Reports. The only thing that I can think of is to download it to CSV, open that in a spreadsheet program (i.e. Excel) and then filter/sort in that and print from there.

I’d like to be able to do this also. I know you can sort the roster using the gear icon, but

  • It isn’t preserved between sessions
  • Setting the Troop roster doesn’t propagate to each patrol, so if I can sort the entire roster by last name,
    if I look at a patrol roster, SB reverts back to FirstName, LastName. (VERY ANNOYING!)

I’ve noticed that, too. These “settings” or “preferences” are not held between sessions. It would be great if they were held.

There was a thread on one of the old SB forums about this. I gave up looking for it, but it had to do with session cookies being cleared, and this was supposed to be on the this of things to be fixed. For now, this is a “feature”. :neutral_face:

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Yes, this is a known bug and in the backlog.

If you have a cookie editor for your browser, you can edit the Roster cookies to clear the Session check box and the values should hold until you change them again.