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Report Builder is missing

I just went to try to run a report and while the Report Builder Manager is still an option, the Report Builder itself seems to be gone from the menu.

but you can click report builder manager and start a new report on the left side

Screenshot 2020-05-08 11.49.03

Report Builder and Roster Builder are symmetrical by design. Use Report Builder Manager and Roster Builder Manager to create new Report Builder reports and Roster Builder reports, respectively. Roster Builder already behaved this way. Report Builder Manager was introduced in June 2019. Report Builder on the menu was given a grace period for users to learn Report Builder Manager, which provides links to create new reports as DonovanMcNeil shows.

Sorry guys but your answers aren’t quite working for me. The option to start a new report isn’t clear unless you are in the IT field, it should be painfully obvious like a “click here to create a new report” button. The reports that can be made aren’t the ones I need. I really need to see a YPT training status report for the adults and couldn’t generate one.


In the black bar on the left of your screen shot, the last option is New Scouts BSA Rpt. That is the link you are looking for.

I just edited it. Sorry you replied before I finished as I read what I wrote and it wasn’t quite what I was wanting to say.


The YPT report is already available in Scoutbook. Click on your unit then Reports then YPT Status Report.

I am still not seeing it. Here is my screen at the reports options. I even have the add-on assistant but I am still not seeing it.

What is your role in the unit?

I am the scoutmaster as of our last recharter in December. Is this another instance of “it will show to the key 3” but national has to update it to show me as a key 3? They still have the previous scoutmaster listed a the cubmaster, a position he left four years ago to take over as troop scoutmaster.

@MarkCash When you go to my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools), click on:

Menu -> My Profile

What Active Positions do you see there? Are you listed as Scoutmaster?

All I see there is my address. No active positions listed for me. Not even MB counselor.

I am surprised that it does show me as being “trained” for the SM and MB positions. That much was easy to pull up.

You need to talk to your council on this @MarkCash - as you are not registered as leader

Your Member ID is not listed either. When you click on:

My Profile -> Manage Member ID

do you see your BSA Member ID and council listed there? If not, try adding it.

My member ID and council are showing when I click on “manage member ID.”

@MarkCash Please contact your local council. It is possible that you have more than one account at my.scouting.org.

I have talked to council previously about not being listed as a Key 3 with national. I need to be listed as a Key 3 with national in order to put our troop on the “https://beascout.scouting.org/” website. Council told me it is a problem with national. I am ready to start getting people annoyed with me over the issue. Nobody seems to actually be able to help me solve the problem.

I would recommend going back to your council, and ask the Registrar to see if they can tell if you have more than one account in ScoutNet or not. If they still cannot help you, then try the BSA’s Member Care.

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@MarkCash - if everything is correct in MYST your profile should list out things like this:

So without a doubt something is amiss.