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Report Builder - Show Requirement Description Does not work

When I mark Show Requirement Description, nothing shows up on the new reports I make. They show up on my old reports, but not on new reports. I like to be able to print the merit badge reports, so I can see what all the boys are missing at one time, and with the “Show Requirement Description” not working I have to go into each scout to see what they are needing.

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Did you check Merit Badge Requirements above the Merit Badge list as well as Show Requirement Descriptions in the settings section?

The first shows the requirements with just the requirement number. To show the text of the requirement you need to include both.

I can’t get report builder to work at all. It says “no Scouts Available” My old reports don’t work, I change things and nothing shows up. Only save report seems to work

my ticket number is SSD-71251

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