Report Builder missing info in reports

I’m trying to do an advancement report with the requirements on my Wolves. When I run the report several requirements (ones that no one has started) are missing from the report.
Running with the Pack
Requirement 4 is missing (no one has started)

@MarkMurdock - can you outline how you are building the report?

I have selected the scouts. Then selected all of the Wolf adventures. I have check the following settings: Show requirement descriptions, show adventure requirements, abbreviate last names & show emblem icons.

@MarkMurdock - here is my report result:

Screenshot 2022-03-16 123850

I also selected show empty requirements

That part appears to be OK. It is in the actual adventure requirements.

You can see many requirements are missing

@MarkMurdock - ok… here is what I get:

Screenshot 2022-03-16 123850

and all loop reqs are show… rather long report though

I get that. The rank requirements are showing on mine fine. The problem is in the individual adventure requirements.

It appears “Show Empty Requirements” was not checked. But the report is now running correctly after checking it. Was this recently updated, I had not had the issue before?

@MarkMurdock - I am not certain but any changes would be announced here:

Show Empty Requirements is not new.

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