Report for Merit Badge Counselors not Visible to a MB Counselor

Merit Badge Counselors cannot not see the Reports for Merit Badge Counselors option on their Dashboard. I however can see it.

Are there any special permissions to see this? I assumed all MB counselors had this option.

I think that’s a Feature Assistant Extension option. Do they all have the extension installed and running?

Thanks Charley. I don’t believe they do. I will send them the link. Is the feature assistant only available for Chrome?

Hi, @AhmedZaidi,

Chrome on desktop and Firefox on desktop and mobile.

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Thank you very much Charley.

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The extensions will make life much easier fir the MBC.

The extension makes life easier, but it does not add the MBC list. That becomes accessible when you are registered in certain leadership positions. I can see it as a troop committee chairman, even with the extension disabled.

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