Scouts missing from MBC Merit Badge Report

Note: I know this is a Feature Assistant Extension report, is there a better place to report/ask?

I am a MBC for Family Life, and have several scouts that I’m working with on this badge. I am their leader, but I’m also assigned as their MBC. I can enter requirements ‘the normal way’, but they don’t show up on my MBC summary reports. Other scouts do show up there.

I’d probably report it here, but @GaryFeutz is likely to see it here, too.

@KevinNickels check your My Connections in Scoutbook to the missing Scouts. It sounds like you may be connected as a leader but not as MBC.

I had the same thought, but no.

In the list of Scouts in your My Connections page, does it show you as the counselor for the badge? The extension looks there to learn about the connection.

You are onto something here. I am listed in her profile as the MBC, but she is not listed on my “my connections” for that MB. That’s very odd. You see the scout below K who does show up in my MBC report and I see the “Approve Family Life MB” badge.

Any idea how to fix? If I click on her name on my connections it just takes me to her connections list where I’m already connected.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.20.11 AM
Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.21.26 AM

Its either a Scoutbook bug… or maybe you have two accounts and she is connected to the other account. Are you an Admin in your unit? If so - go to her profile, click on her connections, and see if there are two listings for you - one with a leader connection and one with a MBC connection.

Yes, I’m a unit admin. Only one of me.
I went into her connections, unchecked and re-checked the “Family Life MB”, and saved it, and “Approve Family Life MB” badge showed up on her connections. And she shows up on my report now.

I know that I used the ‘connect to scouts in CSV file’ to connect to this scout. But others who I did the same worked, so no idea. I’d say this is a ‘workaround’ but not really a ‘solution’. Thanks for helping me find it at least, @GaryFeutz

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