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Report of holders of positions in unit

Is there a Scoutbook report of scouts in positions of leadership and responsibility? Also, need to include those positions that still need to be filled in the unit.

Following. Although I’m skeptical anything like this will ever work to everyone’s satisfaction.

Take “need to be filled” for example. Positions can stay open for quite some time … depends on the unit. Sometimes units “need” two or more or none! (E.g., Instructors, JASMs …)

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Go to your main troop page:

  1. Troop Reports
  2. Roster Builder Manager
  3. New Roster Rpt
  4. Give your Roster Report a title
  5. Select the patrol(s) and / or scout(s)
  6. When you click on “Scout Options” you can choose “Show Patrol”, if desired
  7. Select positions and its two subcategories
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Tried that out, and it works nicely. Thanks!

Thank you Jennifer! That worked for the report I was looking for. In addition, I now know how to create many other reports.


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