Report Runners

Is there permission set for report runners? We have an adult label as parent troop coordinator, where the focus is to reach out to parents to get them to sign up for volunteer times. I don’t want to give him full control, I thought by giving him a view profile, he would be able to see the scout’s info.

Also for the event coordinator same thing, what permissions are needed for that job (updating the calendar, running the RSVP report, etc…

Overall, I want fewer adults with full control.

Generally speaking, Scoutbook permissions and access are structured around the idea that registered scouters are doing most of the management tasks, not unregistered parents.

There are some details on what permissions are needed to do what tasks at when you search on the task you’re looking for.

For example, who can perform calendar editing is discussed here: Using Scoutbook Calendars (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Similarly, I searched for the word “reports” and found a number of relevant help pages. is a great resource.

Permissions are not structured in the granular way you’re looking for. What I understand from various discussions over the years on these forums (and their predecessors) is that the original architecture of the permissions and features in Scoutbook aren’t coded to be easily decoupled by task, and would require a significant rewrite of the system. Since, again as I understand it, BSA is looking in the long term to replace Scoutbook with IA2, that level of rearchitecting likely isn’t in the cards.

Permissions generally are discussed here: Granting Roles and Permissions in Scoutbook (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

@DonaldClark_Jr - what is up with the gatekeeper role you are working

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