How to give a scout permissions for "Calendar Editor"

To Whomever It May Concern:
I can not figure out how to give a scout the “Calendar Editor” position. I have looked in their Edit Profile, and have browsed around to no luck. The help/how to for it just says it can be done, but does not tell you how to set it. Please let me know how to do this.

Thank you,
Steven Stuart
ScoutMaster - Troop 60

It’s treated like a position of responsibility, and is assigned in the ScoutName’s Leadership interface.

This help article refers to it, but you’re right that it could be clearer.

Perhaps a link to the help article on how to set positions of responsibility for scouts would make it clearer for folks who haven’t already stumbled over it.

ETA: This article is referenced at the end of the first, and does explicitly refer to adding the leadership role. However, again, it’s easier to find if you already know what you’re looking for. :^)

ETA2:. Actually, we should probably standardize on the Position of Responsibility nomenclature used in the Guide to Advancement, rather than “youth leadership role” or “youth leadership position”, which seem to be used throughout the help articles. The only hit I get off of “position of responsibility” is about den chiefs: Adding a Den Chief to a Pack - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Hi @CharleyHamilton,
Yes, I had been on both of those links before and the first is completely unhelpful, all it says is it can be done. What helped me was you saying “leadership role”, which made me recall, that a scout has a “name of scout” Leadership link on their link page (not sure what to call that page), and then I saw that I could add a position, and that is where I was able to see the Calendar Editor. I selected that and gave a start date of today, waiting for them to test. I am sure that will work.

Thank you,
Steven Stuart

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Glad you were able to locate the right spot to enter the position. I’ve seen mixed results over time. I know there have been functionality issues reported before intermittently. It sounds like you ticked the right box, so if it’s not working within a couple of days, go ahead and come back to report a bug so the SUAC folks can investigate.

It has been working for us. I’d love to hear about how it has been working for others.

I saw 2 gaps in Scoutbook for supporting Scout led troops. This was one. The other is allowing Scout to leader approve requirements. This same model would be good. As a “leadership role of requirement approval”. Once we have that, Scouts will, with adult action to add the role, be better set to lead their troops.

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This would not be as simple as calendar editor. I know of multiple rules Troops use for approval. These include:

  • First Class or above can approve up to first class (for full troop or just their patrol)
  • First Class or above can approve for 2 ranks below (for full troop or just their patrol)
  • Troop Guide can only approve for Scouts in the patrol for which they are TG.

I’m sure there are many more rules troops use.

As we have said previously, this would require a major change to the connection system so it is not as simple as adding Calendar Editor. I doubt the BSA will entertain such a major change until all advancement and thus connections are moved to the Internet Advancement programming stack.

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I agree. Another issue is that most troops only allow Scouts to approve certain specific requirements (primarily Scout skills) but not other requirements.

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Great points. It would have to be standardized within reason with some flexibility (make many people mad who can’t keep doing it how they have done it) or allow tons of customization (too hard to design, no one would use it but Matt).

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