Who can view, edit, run reports in new internet advancement calendar

I am Scoutmaster, Troop Admin, so it is hard for me to know what others in the unit are seeing or not seeing when they have questions about the transition to the new calendar. But based on questions in the past few days, can you tell me:

Can Troop members see RSVPs for an event like they could in Scoutbook? Parents, Scouts with their own login, registered leaders?

Who can run the RSVP report?

An ASM who could previously see responses and run the RSVP report via Scoutbook says they cannot anymore. Does that sound right or wrong?

I see the calendar editor permission for youth (thank you!). Is there a similar role that can be established for registered leaders short of giving them full admin permission? Where is that - still in Scoutbook or somewhere else?

Thanks for your help.

Changing your profile in the dropdown might be the fastest way to answers - I have not tested the various combinations thoroughly

I am Admin for all units; no other profile - not a parent - so not way for me to test that way, unfortunately. Trying to explain the calendar to families this week.

Can someone speak to the issue of which adult positions can edit the calendar, run the RSVP report, enter activity logs? Are those permissions I set as Admin or is it automatic in the system?

Only Admins should be able to edit the Calendar - unless they are given the Edit Calendar role. I think parents can see others RSVP status but I cannot currently test that, Activity Logs for the group falls to Admins also.

So is there any way to give Edit Calendar role to an adult? I did not find it in the functional roles for adults in Organization manager or in Scoutbook, only for youth in Scoutbook. It seems like if this can be established for a youth leader, it could similarly be an add-on for an adult, without giving them full admin rights.

It is just for Youth currently

Yes just confirmed parents can see other Scouts RSVP status

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@ConstanceF - the list of roles include secretary and outdoor activities roles.