ReportBuilder Truncates Requirement Descriptions

When I create an advancement report and select “Show Requirement Descriptions” almost all of the descriptions end up truncated. It looks like there’s a maximum number of characters that can display in that field, and that the maximum number is so low as to make the feature almost useless. My entire reason for checking that box is so that I don’t have to flip back and forth between 5-10 bookmarked pages in the handbook or make my own consolidated requirement list from scratch. I thought that maybe if I downloaded it as a CSV the text wouldn’t be truncated, but no, still is.

@DavidManjarrez Go to the References Section and you can copy paste the requirements

@DavidManjarrez - so what are your selections in making this report. Is this troop, pack or crew. I would like to see what results i get.

@DavidManjarrez - well since you are the first and only person to note this as an issue, and you have not responded back I think this is a moot point as the purpose of the report is to not replicate the handbook, but be a quick glance at progress. I don’t see this as a bug.

I apologize that it’s taken me a day to respond. If you’d still like to look at it, my selections are below.

Select scouts from pack
Select some adventures in both Webelos and Arrow of Light
Select “Rank Status” under both Webelos and AoL

Show Requirement Descriptions
Show Empty Requirements
Show Adventure Requirements
Show Old Program Options


Here’s what I’m seeing on the screen. I understand it’s not meant to replicate the handbook, but why have the feature to include the descriptions when they display like this.

Thanks, I hadn’t found this yet. Do you know of somewhere where individual adventure requirements are available also?

Home → References → Cub Scouts → [rank] → Adventures

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@DavidManjarrez - i do get the truncated reqs… but one thing you can do is NOT check the Show Old Program Options as NOBODY should be on those. The key to the reports is that they are an overview… and they have been this way since the report builder was added

Cub Scouts should all be on the current requirements at this time.

@DavidManjarrez Click the HOME Icon on Scoutbook - then click references down at the bottom

@JenniferOlinger and @DonovanMcNeil, thank you both! I’ve been looking for these for awhile and apparently haven’t been looking in the right places.

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