Report Builder missing some requirements unless checking "Show Empty Requirements"

I was reviewing a scout’s advancement requirements and noticed some incomplete requirements which were not listed in the pdf report provided by our Advancement Chair. (Examples: 2nd class 2e & 5c) Messing with my own report builder settings I found you have to check the option “Show Empty Requirements.” Then they will be included in the reports. Since our scouts use the printed reports for planning their advancement activities, these “empty requirements” are getting missed. I’ve notified our advancement chair about what I found and asked she check this box for future reports. However I’d like to know why it’s considered an “empty requirement.” Can you change the report default to print all requirements?

I believe this was added as a simple way to save paper by default

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I don’t think it does exactly what you are suggesting. No requirements have been omitted in my testing without that checked. I’ve asked the developers to explain it.

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