Recharter Feedback - 2024

I’d like to start off by saying that this is WORLDS better than the recharter horror stories that I used to hear about prior to taking over as CC, so kudos for a much-improved system. If for nobody else but myself, I thank you for all that has been improved so far.

I had previously shared this nested scrolling window, and that was still an issue this year. Hopeful for that being tweaked by next year.

This is my second year doing it but I’m expecting to hand it off, so I was trying to look at it through a “new eyes filter” to see where potential snags may be. Besides the scrolling window, I only ran into a few questions.

We address training along the way during the year, so all of that was easy, but it’s a bit odd to the COR in there twice (because ours is also a Committee Member). Since we see this only for a bit once a year, I didn’t remember how to handle that. I was worried that we would be paying twice for her, totally missing that it showed on the side that one was $0.00. Maybe that’s just one of those things that we need to be on the lookout for, but if someone has a better idea on how to group them so that it’s more obvious for new eyes. I’m also open to it just being a me issue.

The other oddness was handling the Executive Officer. I wasn’t sure how to handle him. Obviously, we do not know this person and none of our volunteers are likely to ever interface with him, so it’s a bit odd that he’s required to be in there, yet we can uncheck and remove him. I also see now that he was at $0.00.

Maybe a fix would be to gray out the boxes on the Executive Chair and maybe any duplicate listings of people, although I can see how with the latter it could be an issue of them holding multiple positions. That may complicate that a bit. I’m not sure what the answer is, but being able to remove someone that has to be there is odd and having someone listed twice is odd, even if at $0.00.

Also, maybe instead of $0.00 it could just show – so that when glancing through it sticks out more as a non-charge item.

The other part I ran into was not being very clear on payment and signing of the paperwork. Once the updated roster was submitted, we got to a “waiting” period. At that point I wasn’t very clear on where we were at after that. I connected the bank account through Plaid, but it was still asking me to enter micro-deposit amounts to confirm the connection.

I entered our micro-deposit amounts multiple times, and it said received, but it didn’t confirm or deny if it was correct or not. Usually, systems seem to confirm one way or another.

Meanwhile it had already sent the paperwork to our COR and she signed it. I didn’t know that. Maybe it was indicated, and I just missed it. I just kind of got stuck there for a few days and wasn’t sure why.

I went in again and reentered the micro-deposit amounts about 5 more times in different orders and with and without the beginning zero, hoping to unlock the puzzle. No luck. I texted the COR to confirm that she signed the paperwork, and she had, but I was still getting the same screen. I checked email again and found a WePay email and clicked through that. It seemed to indicate confirmation, but upon refreshing my recharter screen I was still on “waiting” so I wasn’t sure.

This morning my recharter menu option is gone, so I assume we’re done but I thought we would be when I confirmed the micro-deposit amounts also. Did entering the amounts trigger the email with the confirmation link? I’m not seeing any additional confirmation emails since clicking on the confirmation link. No other screen notices or anything. I feel like I missed something, but I wanted to share. Hopefully it’s all resolved, but it seems odd that we still have youth showing who should have dropped.

Overall it is still a pretty easy process, but a few parts of it still seem a bit clunky. Smoothing that out makes it easier to hand off and improves the volunteer experiences which improves unit retention.

Thanks for your time.

I would tell your council this so they can pass it up the right channel

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Seems odd, but OK. Anyone specific at council? District Executive or home office?

I would call the main number and ask who would be the best person to receive the feedback.