Requirement Progress Notes

Many times requirements for both advancement or merit badges require activity over long periods of time. It would be good if each requirement allowed you to (locally) store some notes for that requirement. For example, if the requirement is to participate in 5 scouting related activities that are not troop meetings, it would be great to even have a simple notes area for that specific requirement where each of these could be recorded. This isn’t really meant to be a formal proof of meeting the requirement, but rather a handy way for a scout to track it. Without this, we have to just memory recall or refer to other sources to ensure the requirements are ready for approval.

@BrettNemeroff - there are already notes section in both.

and the same exists in merit badges

Thanks for the reply. While I see this online on the website, I do not see it in the mo Ike app (IOS):

@BrettNemeroff what device are you on - same requirement iOS comments are there - or I wonder if it is night mode or something

This is on an iOS 17 iPhone 12. Could this be use role related maybe?

I clearly don’t see a way to comment but you guys also clearly have it

Here’s my App Store page showing my version:

More specific version from settings page:

hmmm - I am on Beta one version ahead - just got on another device with Production version and no Comments - so maybe coming soon?

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