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Notes made on Advancement

How can my leaders, and I see notes made when entering Requirements for Rank and Merit Badges?

If you click on the checkbox next to the requirement, then you should be able to see the notes.

But, seems like there should be a way for notes made for a report.

For instance - when a Scout goes for a board of review for rank - he should be able to print out those notes on a report.

His handbook has a box no room for notes other than leader signature and date.

Making notes like “I presented my myself and my gear ready for a Campout prior to spring Camporee”

Seems like any notes made are only visible by clicking on one Scout’s individual requirement. Can’t print. Can’t generate a report.

They also appear on the needs approval report.

If a report were created for such a thing, what would you envision it looking like? Would you limit how many notes appear? What about pics? This could be more of a book than a report.

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