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Roster Builder Last Login Date

I wanted to bump this request from last year:

I too would like to be able to pull a report of when my den leaders, and parents login to scoutbook.


I have passed this on to the report developers. If done, it would be added to roster builder, not report builder.

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You can currently get the last login date by going to your unit’s roster page, clicking the gear icon above the leader section and selecting Show Last Visit and the gear icon above the Scout section and selecting Show Parents/Guardians

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When I add those options I do indeed see the parents in my den listed but, no date of when they last logged in. The options under leaders (available to me) are “Show Contact Info” and then sort options. Under the scouts options I have the ability to “show parents”.


Last login data may only be available to unit admins.

From your den page, the show parent/guardian option automatically tells you when they last logged in… if they have.

As a den leader in scoutbook the last login doesn’t show up with the parent name. As indicated by Ed, I may not have sufficient permissions to see/access that data.

I’ll reach out to one of the leaders with unit admin permissions and see if it is different for them.

Also, see if they’re willing to set you up as a Den Admin, if you’re not already. That should (I believe) get you the info you’re looking for at the den level.

If you are a Den Leader, then you also need to be set up as a Den Admin in Scoutbook in order to access other functions, such as the den calendar.

I have Den Admin rights.

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