JTE 2022 Cub Scouts- % of Parents Connected Report?

Just making sure I’m not missing something. Is there a report that will show how many parents are (or are not) connected to their Cub in SB, or is this just a manual check. We have 115 Cubs, so trying to make this easier on our JTE crew if possible. :upside_down_face:

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You could create a custom roster report in Roster Builder, with all scouts selected and Show Parents & Guardians under Scout Options. That will show a parent/guardian’s name next to each scout, if there is one associated. We show both parents where they’re both connected.

That’s a completely different question from whether or not the parent has ever logged in to their Scoutbook account, though. :^)

In roster builder you can add that. We used / use it to try to remind families to login after their first invite.

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True, but unless you select the parents/guardians group as well, it only shows when the scout last logged in/was invited.

You have to then “manually” match the parent login/invite data on a scout-by-scout basis.

Oh- I see- the last logged in/invited won’t have a date if they haven’t ever logged in. It is tedious, but easier to view versus logging into each account.

@JennyGoguen - is that actually a JTE metric ? I personally have not submitted a JTE report for my units in a few years nor will I.

Yup. It’s for Gold Level on the “Planning” task.


@CharleyHamilton - alrighty then… thanks…

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How I’ve done it for just making sure someone from the family logged in, or connected, is to show the roster, shown parents, and look for unlinked chain links. Siblings make this harder, but other than that, you should be able to do it in a couple of mins for 110 cubs. That assumes you can get the roster to materialize.

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