Roster Report

I just found the Roster Report under “Export/Backup” and this is an interesting tool kind of hidden in there. How to I fix easily that most of my scouts and parents have the “district” error where their district is not selected in their profile. I know how to do it one by one, but really really slow because Scoutbook “hourglasses” all the time between roster menu and individual person menu.

If you are using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, then there is a Roster Analysis option for unit Admins in the Export / Backup area of Scoutbook.

Unit Admins can set the district and council for everyone in the unit by using the Feature Assistant. Go to Edit unit [Edit Pack / Troop / Crew / Ship / etc.], check that your council and district information is correct, then scroll down and click on the “Set Member Council And District” button.

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